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Bob Duff

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April 2, 2018

Senate Majority Leader Calls on Congresswoman Esty to Resign

Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-Norwalk) today called on Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty (D-5) to immediately resign her seat in Congress.

“Congresswoman Esty is someone who has worked hard and built up a list of accomplishments that have made the citizens of her district and the State of Connecticut proud. It is in the shadow of her record which makes it difficult but necessary to ask her to resign.

“However, no matter the hard work Elizabeth has exhibited and my admiration for her bi-partisan accomplishments, the news of the last few days is certainly disheartening.

“There are a few points, which led me to make this announcement:

  • Congresswoman Esty’s reluctance to speak out publicly before and after the story was published;
  • The lack of consistent information and transparency from the Congresswoman’s office;
  • Using taxpayer dollars to fund a separation agreement, writing a letter of recommendation to an undeserving person, and perpetuating the perception of protecting the assaulter rather than the victim.

“Before making this news public, I wanted the opportunity to speak to Elizabeth and personally share with her my disappointment.

“The calls for Elizabeth’s resignation by many in the political world might have been avoided had there been more concern for the victim and better judgment shown from the day this all happened in a Congressional office up and until the story broke in the media.

“The decision of the congresswoman to do the right thing will not only impact Elizabeth and her family, but more importantly the 700,000 constituents of the 5th Congressional District, her staff in both Washington and Connecticut, and more importantly the victim who has had to relive this horrendous experience through the media again and again.”