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Bob Duff

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October 1, 2021

Senator Duff Praises Norwalk Police for Reduction in Crime

Today, Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-Norwalk) praised the Norwalk Police Department for successfully combating crime in the community. Recent reports from the new FBI 2020 crime statistics indicate overall violent crime in Norwalk fell by over 20%. Robberies and aggravated assaults were down by similar numbers.

“Police officers are doing an excellent job preventing and combating crime in Norwalk,” said Senator Duff. “I am especially encouraged to see our police department taking advantage of new communication tools to enhance their work with the community. We are all safer when neighbors feel secure working with public safety officials and there is a mutual trust. Thank you to our officers who put on that uniform every day to protect us.”

Norwalk Police are using educational programs that include the Citizens’ Police Academy, neighborhood watch training sessions, and elder abuse and scam training classes. The department is also using social media alerts and are communicating with the media to help keep the community informed. Their new 411TIP alert system allows residents to submit tips anonymously to police if they have any useful information about a crime that took place.

The FBI 2020 Uniform Crime Reporting data that was released earlier this week tracks violent crime rates in every single state in America. Connecticut, with 181.6 violent crimes per 100,000 residents, was found to be the 4th safest state in the country only trailing Maine (108.6 violent crimes per 100,000 residents), New Hampshire (146.4) and Vermont (173.4).