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Bob Duff

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March 7, 2022

Duff, Rilling, Dathan Applaud Transportation Progress for NCC Students

Today, State Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-Norwalk), Mayor Harry Rilling (D-Norwalk), and State Representative Lucy Dathan (D-Norwalk/New Canaan) applauded the recent proposal put forth by the Norwalk Transit District to alleviate the lack of adequate transportation for Norwalk Community College students. Since the suspension of the Norwalk Community College shuttle which traveled between the South Norwalk train station and the NCC campus there has been an outpouring from the NCC community to replace this transportation service. Almost 1 in 4 students at the college rely on public transportation to get to school. Excessive wait times of 40 minutes or more for a Norwalk Transit District bus added an unnecessary extra burden to the commute for many students and staff.

“Norwalk Community College opens many pathways for students to achieve their educational, professional, and personal goals,” said Senator Duff. “We know the importance of an education, but it is equally important that students have the supports in-place to access those opportunities, which includes having a means of transportation. I want to thank the students and staff who came out and had their voices heard and the members of the community who signed our petition in support of their cause.”

“I’m very pleased that the transit district and the community college worked out a plan that will accommodate the students’ needs,” said Mayor Rilling. “Students rely on transportation from the train station to the college and any disruption in service would likely result in a disruption in their education.”

“Maintaining accessible and reliable transportation services to the NCC community is essential for students and staff,” said Rep. Dathan. “At a time when we are working towards a cleaner environment and reducing our carbon footprint, this should be a top priority.”