Bob Duff

Senate Majority Leader

Bob Duff

Standing Up For You!

September 26, 2023


NORWALK – Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-Norwalk) today welcomed a $5.14 million investment in Norwalk by the state Community Investment Fund that will pay for a new wastewater infrastructure project to address continuous and erratic flooding in the Lockwood and Heather Lane neighborhoods.

The project will separate the combined sanitary and storm system into a separate new storm draining infrastructure.

“In 2021 we had Tropical Storm Elsa hit Norwalk in July, followed by Hurricane Ida in September. And Lockwood Lane and Heather Lane were once again subject to some of the historic, neighborhood flooding that they’ve have been suffering for years,” Sen. Duff said. “This new, huge investment by the state should help alleviate that flooding going forward, if not completely eliminate it. It’s an enormous investment in the quality of life and private property values of Norwalk residents.”

“I want to thank Senator Duff for his efforts in securing the Lockwood Lane and Heather Lane Storm Drainage Improvement Project Grant for the City of Norwalk. This funding will improve storm water quality and upgrade critical drainage infrastructure in this community,” said Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling. “This investment addresses the impacts of climate change by helping to ensure Norwalk residents are equipped with sustainable and resilient infrastructure to mitigate flooding conditions, enhancing the quality of life for the residents in these neighborhoods.”

“Thanks to the leadership of Senator Duff, and with gratitude to the CIF Board and the Governor’s Office, this funding will enable the residents of the Lockwood/Heather Lane neighborhood to have a greater quality of life once these much-needed storm drain and sewer system upgrades are complete,” said state Rep. Dominque Johnson (D-Norwalk). “Reducing the frequent flooding these Norwalkers’ experience will protect their homes and streets, and these critical investments to rebuild and improve this infrastructure will give great returns for future generations so they can continue to thrive in their neighborhood, especially as rainfall becomes increasingly unpredictable.”