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April 22, 2024
Senator Bob Duff

Duff Applauds New Norwalk Traffic and Safety Improvements from DOT

TODAY – Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-Norwalk) thanked the Connecticut Department of Transportation for four recent measures to alleviate traffic, improve safety, and clean up on state roads in the city of Norwalk.

The actions include:

  • New left turn arrow on West Rocks Road at I-Park Driveway
    • Revised the traffic control signal Int. 102-228 on Route 7 (Main Ave.) at West Rocks Road and I-Park Driveway.
    • This provides a dedicated left turn phase for West Rocks Road. Motorists will now see a five-faced traffic signal with dedicated green and yellow turn arrows, instead of the previous three face signal.
    • This revised timing and dedicated left-turn signal helps alleviate traffic congestion and backups in this area.
  • New LED lights on Route 7 expressway
    • Route 7 was upgraded with new light poles and bases to hold the new high-efficient LED lights.
    • The brighter lights help improve night visibility.
    • Replaces lights which frequently shorted out and compromised safety.
  • Litter removal on embankments and median of Route 7 expressway
  • Fixing sidewalk on Grumman Avenue bridge over Merritt Parkway
    • Sidewalk repairs ensure pedestrians can travel safely through the area.

“As I drive around Norwalk, I understand the frustration traffic backup can cause all of us,” said Senator Duff. “Thankfully, the new left turn arrow on West Rocks Road has already streamlined traffic flow and commuters, myself included, are feeling the benefits. This measure, along with the three others, will improve the overall quality of life for our residents as they get around town. I would like to extend my gratitude to the Department of Transportation for their dedication to enhancing our city’s transportation infrastructure. I look forward to continued collaboration to ensure Norwalk remains a vibrant and thriving hub for all who call it home.”

“The Connecticut Department of Transportation is committed to improving safety and mobility throughout the state, including in Norwalk. Whether it’s multi-year, multi-million-dollar projects or smaller and more immediate actions, the CTDOT is working every day to ensure our infrastructure is safe and accessible for all roadway users,” said Connecticut Department of Transportation Commissioner Garrett Eucalitto.