Bob Duff

Senate Majority Leader

Bob Duff

Standing Up For You!

January 27, 2024

TODAY – Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff, Rep. Lucy Dathan, Rep. Dominique Johnson, Rep. Tracy Marra, Rep. Kadeem Roberts, and Rep. Travis Simms released the following joint statement in response to Norwalk Common Council members receiving antisemitic postcards:

“We collectively express our deep concern and condemnation in the face of recent events involving the dissemination of antisemitic letters directed at Norwalk Common Councilors. We are appalled by the blatant display of hatred and prejudice that has targeted our partners in representing our community.

“These reprehensible acts seek to intimidate representatives that give untold hours back to their neighbors. Many of us have served locally and even on the same elected body and know the hard work our Common Councilors put in. We extend our heartfelt support to the them in light of this despicable behavior.

“We are heartened by the displays of support by the community to show we stand together against hate. Our unity is the antidote to the poison of discrimination.

“As state lawmakers, we pledge to continue working toward legislation and policies that promote tolerance, diversity, and inclusivity and protect all those who volunteer their time in service of our communities. Make no mistake, these hateful attacks are trying to undermine the very fabric of our local democratic institutions. Together, we can collectively rise above hatred and foster an environment where every individual can contribute to the betterment of our community without fear.”