December 11, 2019

A fully loaded 18-wheeler truck causes the damage equivalent of between 5,000 and 10,000 cars—an estimated 1.7 billion truck miles per year on Connecticut roads.

Republicans want to recklessly raid our Rainy Day Fund, the state’s savings account, which will only result in increases in taxes and drastic cuts for Connecticut residents.

Senate Democrats Photo
  • The Republican Rainy Day Raid Costs Connecticut Residents Money: Every penny that isn’t collected from 18-wheeler trucks is another penny taken in taxes from the pockets of Connecticut residents. If the trucks don’t pay, you will.
  • The Republican Rainy Day Raid Means Drastic Cuts and Increased Taxes: Recessions are unavoidable, but they do end; a strong Rainy Day Fund allows us to weather the next storm. The Republican Rainy Day Raid will leave Connecticut families on the hook for drastic tax increases and deep cuts to education, local town aid, healthcare, and environmental programs. Connecticut will once again go have to through the pain of post-2008 crash.

Call Senate Republicans and House Republicans and tell them not to raid our state’s future!

CT Senate Republicans:

CT House Republicans:

CT 2030 will not only strengthen our economy but shorten your daily commute and protect the financial future of the state from potential tax increases. Trucks-only tolling will save Connecticut residents money and ensure 18-wheelers pay their fair share.

  • CT 2030 Will Strengthen Our Economy: Long overdue and unprecedented investment in the state’s infrastructure that sends a message to the region and the country that the state is forward-thinking and open for business.
  • CT 2030 Will Reduce Daily Commutes: Rebuilt bridges, exits, intersections, and historic enhancements to Metro North will reduce commute times, remove headaches and give more time to Connecticut residents to be at home with their loved ones rather than sitting in traffic.
    • The improvements of I-84 in Waterbury increased average rush hour speeds by more than 45 mph while also reducing rush hour travel time by 25 minutes, and reduced monthly crashes by 35.
  • CT 2030 Provides Long-Term Transportation Solution: Currently the Special Transportation Fund is on the road to bankruptcy, this plan stabilizes and funds the Special Transportation Fund beyond 2030, providing a reliable revenue stream from large tractor trailer trucks only while also reducing the amount the state finances and borrows to pay for transportation infrastructure.
  • Trucks Create The Most Daily Damage to Our Roads: A fully loaded 18-wheeler truck causes the damage equivalent of between 5,000 and 10,000 cars—an estimated 1.7 billion truck miles per year on Connecticut roads.
  • Trucks-Only User Fees Work: Rhode Island trucks-only tolls brought in $7.2 million in 2018, even higher than estimated and RI residents are already seeing and feeling improvements to their roads and bridges.
  • Trucks-Only User Fees Save Connecticut Residents Money: CT 2030 means only trucks will pay $230 million every year into transportation infrastructure which means less money from Connecticut taxpayers and more investments in education, towns, and other infrastructure.
  • Chance for Protection & Investment: CT2030 funded by truck-only tolls will allow the state to build its way through the next recession with a consistent revenue stream, creating thousands of jobs, while also having the protection from a recession. Republicans have proposed nothing anywhere near as responsible.

TOLLED VEHICLES: Trucks with four or more axles.