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Mae Flexer

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June 5, 2017

Flexer Leads Passage of Bill to Protect Veterans & Active Duty Military Personnel from Discriminatory Practices


Hartford, CT – The State Senate Monday passed legislation aimed at shielding veterans from discrimination related to employment, among introducing other protections for military personnel.

Senate Bill 917, An Act Concerning Discriminatory Practices Against Veterans, Leaves Of Absence For National Guard Members, Registration For Certain Medicaid Programs And Disclosures Of Certain Records To Federally Military Law Enforcement, passed the Senate in a unanimous, bipartisan vote.

“We have heard stories from numerous veterans who have faced discrimination in a variety of areas. It is incredibly important that we ensure that Connecticut’s veterans and active duty personnel have recourse in the event that they face discrimination in the workplace, housing, public accommodations or elsewhere,” said State Senator Mae Flexer (D-Danielson), who chairs the General Assembly’s Veterans’ Affairs Committee and authored the bill. “Adding veterans to the list of protected classes under our state statutes will allow them to take advantage of the measures already afforded to other residents who face discrimination. Additionally, this bill will ensure that Connecticut residents who serve in the National Guard in another state, like many of my constituents who serve in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, are granted leave from their employment without fear of being fired from their jobs.”

The legislation:


  • Protects against certain discriminatory practices related to housing, employment, retribution for reporting discrimination, public accommodations, and credit on the basis of an individual’s status as a veteran
  • Requires employers of employees who serve in the National Guard of another state to grant leave for purposes of such service
  • Permits active duty members of the armed forces to register certain family members for Medicaid home and community-based programs if such members are registered to vote, pay real property taxes or are licensed to operate a motor vehicle in the state
  • Includes military law enforcement authorities under the United States Department of Defense in the list of federal law enforcement authorities required to receive Department of Children and Families records pertaining to neglect or abuse of a child


The bill goes next to the State House of Representatives for consideration.