Mae Flexer

State Senator

Mae Flexer

Deputy President Pro Tempore & Federal Relations Liaison

An Advocate for Us

December 14, 2017

Flexer Calls for Immediate Rollback of Cuts to Medicare Savings Program

photo of Senator Flexer.

Senator Mae Flexer (D-Danielson) rallied today alongside advocates, seniors, people with disabilities and their families in support of the immediate restoration of the Medicare Savings Program (MSP). Cuts made to the program threaten to impact the healthcare of over 110,000 people in Connecticut. Flexer has also signed a petition calling on the Secretary of the State to bring the legislature back into special session so that this issue can be dealt with.

“I have spoken with dozens, if not hundreds of people over the past few weeks who are worried about the cuts to the Medicare Savings Program. I am happy to say that thanks to their advocacy, these cuts have been delayed by several months and there is momentum to completely roll them back,” said Senator Flexer. “Connecticut is supposed to be a place where when you struggle, we wrap our arms around you and we lift you up. Thirty years ago, although I was blissfully unaware of it at the time, my family was homeless. My parents struggled to find housing, and were finally able to put a roof over our heads only because state and federal supports were available to help us.

“Too many people in our government do not know what it’s like to live on the poverty line, like my parents had to live when I was a child, and like the people in need of the Medicare Savings Program live today. They do not know what it’s like to live on just $1,500 a month when a fee increase like the one caused by these cuts could be crippling.

“Our role is to look out for the most vulnerable amongst us, not the loud, well-funded special interests have succeeded in advocating for harmful policies like these cuts to the Medicare Savings Program. We are at a crossroads. We need to decide what Connecticut’s values. Are we going to be a state that lifts everyone up, or are we going to turn our backs on our most vulnerable and instead give our support to millionaires, to billionaires, and to corporations. I believe in a Connecticut that is committed to the well-being of all its residents. If that is the Connecticut we want to be, our first step must be to reaffirm our commitment to seniors and people with disabilities by repealing these cuts to the Medicare Savings Program.”

The Medicare Savings Program offers financial assistance to eligible Medicare enrollees. Connecticut had paid into the Medicare Savings Program to extend its eligibility to more people than almost every other state. The bipartisan budget reduced the income eligibility requirements from a range of 211 percent-246 percent of the federal poverty level to 100 percent-135 percent of the federal poverty level. The nonpartisan Office of Fiscal Analysis has projected that this change in eligibility requirements could impact over 110,000 people through loss of coverage or transition to a different coverage program.