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Mae Flexer

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February 21, 2018

Flexer Joins Call for Passage of “Time’s Up” Sexual Harassment and Assault Laws

photo of Senator Flexer.

Senator Mae Flexer (D-Danielson) and other members of the Senate Democratic Caucus declared that “time’s up” on the problem of sexual harassment and sexual assault, as caucus members announced a legislative package that includes the largest overhaul in modern history of Connecticut’s sexual harassment laws.

“With the Time’s Up and Me Too movements, we have seen cultural tides in our country are finally changing, and Connecticut must strengthen its stand against sexual harassment and sexual assault,” said Senator Mae Flexer. “This year I will be reintroducing legislation to extend the statute of limitations for sexual assault cases. As we have seen in many of the high-profile sexual assault cases being tried around the country, it often takes years for sexual assault victims to come forward and confront their abusers, and people are coming to understand the unique circumstances of these crimes can keep victims from coming forward right away. Connecticut has one of the most restrictive statutes of limitations in the country, under which sexual abusers like Harvey Weinstein, Larry Nassar and Bill Cosby could have avoided punishment. The time for a change in this law is long overdue.”

“Sexual harassment is something women experience far too frequently. Harassment in the workplace is especially harmful as it inhibits career progression and creates an atmosphere where women are made to feel unequal and unwelcome,” Flexer stated. “This proposal today will ensure that all workplaces in Connecticut have strong training and policies to prevent sexual harassment. If passed, these would be some of the strongest laws in the country. Connecticut should lead the nation in preventing sexual harassment.”

The legislative package, known as the “Time’s Up Act” reforms Connecticut’s sexual harassment and sexual assault laws and processes to create stronger protections for victims and to increase penalties for offenders by:

  • reforming the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO) complaint process;
  • strengthening and expanding Connecticut’s mandated reporter laws;
  • eliminating statutes of limitation for all felony sexual assault crimes;
  • increasing financial penalties for offenders;
  • providing for injunctive relief and punitive damages;
  • strengthening CHRO;
  • setting a universal process for investigations of harassment complaints against school administrators; and
  • requiring increased training and education in Connecticut workplaces.

A proposed bill on the above matters is expected to be raised for consideration this week in the Judiciary Committee.