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June 4, 2018

Flexer, Haddad, Orange Announce $3 Million Grant for Mansfield Four Corners Sewer Project

Mansfield state legislators Senator Mae Flexer (D-Danielson), Representative Gregg Haddad (D-Mansfield) and Representative Linda Orange (D-Colchester) applauded the state Bond Commission’s approval Friday of a $3 million grant-in-aid to the Town of Mansfield for the wastewater component of the Four Corners Sanitary Sewer Project.

The project will extend sanitary sewers to land surrounding the Route 44/195 intersection and will include 22,000 feet of sewer piping, two pump stations and additional required equipment and materials.

“It gives me great pleasure to bring this funding back to the Town of Mansfield for the Four Corners Sanitary Sewer Project. Voters in Mansfield decided that extending these sanitary sewers is necessary. Now, with the approval of these state bond funds, Mansfield residents won’t have to bear the entire cost,” Sen. Flexer said. “There are many environmental, safety, and economic benefits to installing this public water system. It would eliminate potential water contamination and septic system failures, which have historically been an issue in this area. The water quality will be tested regularly, thus avoiding costly and recurring repairs. In addition, it will allow for enhanced fire protection options and lower fire insurance protection costs.”

“This grant was requested by the Town of Mansfield and is the culmination of years of efforts by our local elected officials including Mayors Paul Shapiro and Betsy Paterson, town government leadership and Mansfield’s legislative delegation including state Senator Flexer, Representative Orange and myself,” Rep. Haddad said. “Approval of the $3 million in bonding is welcome news to the residents of Mansfield. This funding means that the state will help pay for the project instead of having residents shoulder the entire burden through property taxes or sewer assessments. In addition, the water quality in that area has been impaired for years, likely due to overuse of septic systems, and the project will help resolve that issue and encourage economic development at Four Corners.”
“I welcome and applaud the State Bond Commission’s approval of a $3 million grant-in-aid for the Town of Mansfield for this important component of the Four Corners Sanitary Sewer Project,” Rep. Orange said. “The funding goes a long ways toward providing financial relief for local property taxpayers as well as resolving a water quality issue that has burdened the community for too many years. I thank everyone who has worked to secure the funding, especially the effort and cooperation of local and state officials.”

The Four Corners Water and Sewer Project encompasses an approximately 500-acre area surrounding and extending north and west of the intersection of Routes 195 and 44 in northern Mansfield, which serves as the northern gateway to Mansfield and the University of Connecticut.
The area has ground water contamination that has been monitored by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) for many years caused by a number of different leaks from gasoline stations as well as from failing septic systems.
While these leaks have been addressed, there is a continuing need to provide adequate, clean drinking water and safe sewage disposal to this area that is limited by environmental constraints including a high groundwater table, inland wetlands, and soils unsuitable for long-term use of on-site septic disposal systems. Additionally, the contamination and resulting limitations on land use have resulted in progressive deterioration of many properties in the area, leading to a blighted appearance.

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