Mae Flexer

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Mae Flexer

Deputy President Pro Tempore & Federal Relations Liaison

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August 7, 2019

Flexer Supports Protestors Opposed to Fracking Power Plant in Killingly

HARTFORD, CT – Today, Senator Mae Flexer released the following statement in support of the protest outside the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) office, which voiced opposition to a proposed fracking plant in Killingly.

“I’m glad that the residents of northeastern Connecticut are making their voices heard regarding the Killingly Energy Center (KEC). I’m deeply concerned that the Connecticut Siting Council approved the construction of the KEC. Since this plant was first proposed in 2016, its planned capacity has increased more than 18 percent from a 550 megawatt facility to 650 megawatts. As a result, Killingly will become the second largest power generation site in Connecticut, second only to Waterford, home of the Millstone Facility. This puts an extra burden on the residents of Killingly, since a similar facility – the Lake Road Generating Plant – exists less than a mile from where this plant will be built. I’ve expressed to the Siting Council that Killingly should not be taken advantage of given that this community already makes an enormous and highly disproportionate contribution to the power generation needs of Connecticut and neighboring states. A large concentration of the state’s pollutants and emissions from power generation already impact the residents and the environment every day, and this facility will only add to that existing burden. Taking care of our environment is one of the most important issues we face. If we want to be serious about transitioning into a post-fossil fuel, clean energy era and addressing the climate crisis, then approval of the KEC is a major step backwards towards that goal.”