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Mae Flexer

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August 26, 2019

Senator Flexer Seeks More Information on Domestic Violence Homicide

HARTFORD, CT – In response to news of Connecticut’s seventh domestic violence homicide, today State Senator Mae Flexer announced her intention to seek information around the state’s response to domestic violence in criminal and civil courts.

“Law enforcement reports that the remains of 32-year-old Meriden resident Perrie Mason have been found and that her ex-boyfriend Jason Watson is a primary suspect are tragic and concerning given Watson’s criminal history which includes incidents of apparent domestic violence,” said Flexer.

“Domestic violence is a serious public health problem in our state and across the country,” Senator Flexer continued. “The idea that there may have been red flags in Connecticut courts to indicate a pattern of increasing violence and potential lethality is of grave concern and I aim to learn more. This most recent tragedy, which may have played out in both criminal and civil court, offers a need for due diligence and a look-back.”

Last month, Flexer led an informational legislative forum to highlight and discuss domestic violence in the context of Connecticut’s family court.

Flexer will be seeking formal feedback from the Judicial Branch in regard to all publicly available history related to Mr. Watson and his arrests including violations of orders of protection. Publicly available data on the Judicial Department’s website does not explicitly identify domestic violence but offers indicators that there is a history. Flexer will ask for court documentation which may outline a violent history to understand how various systems might improve their responses.

Police reports also indicate that Watson’s two children were in his care. Flexer is also seeking greater detail to understand why, given Mr. Watson’s violent history and status as a reported sex offender.

“If there is more work to be done to improve policy and practice around child custody and visitation as it relates to domestic violence, then that work must be done to prevent future tragedies and save lives,” Flexer said.