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Mae Flexer

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December 23, 2019

Senator Flexer Celebrates State
Education Funding for Thompson

HARTFORD – Last week, the Finance Advisory Committee approved an additional $400,000 in state funding for Thompson Public Schools, funding that state Senator Mae Flexer fought for during the legislative session and worked with the State Department of Education to secure.

Thompson was named an Alliance district in 2018, but because there was no update in the funding formulas for the Alliance program, the district was not eligible to receive an allocation for Fiscal Year 2019.

Sen. Flexer collaborated with the leadership of the school district to determine how best to secure the resources that would be given to an Alliance district the size of Thompson. The first step was securing $408,000 in the current biennium state budget in additional education aid for Thompson through Sen. Flexer’s advocacy. The second step was working closely with the state Department of Education and the Thompson school district to secure additional moneys from within the department’s budget. The state Department of Education understood the need for additional funding for Thompson and the school district’s commitment to improving student performance. This additional money will supplement the current funding for the town in order to further bolster Thompsons’ Public Schools’ efforts to improve outcomes for all students.

“I’m thrilled that the state Department of Education has committed this much needed funding for Thompson,” said Sen. Flexer. “It will provide support to the town’s public schools and ensure that our students receive the proper resources to succeed. I’m proud to have advocated for this additional funding alongside the Superintendent and members of the Thompson Board of Education to make sure that our shared community’s needs and interests were acknowledged in Hartford.”

“The students of Thompson Public Schools are fortunate to have Senator Mae Flexer continuing to advocate for additional resources to support their educational needs,” said Melinda Smith, Superintendent of Thompson Public Schools. “Thompson Schools were designated as an underperforming Alliance district nearly three years ago but has not received equitable funding that is given to other school districts with this classification to improve student achievement. Christmas came early to Thompson students this year as we were informed last week that due to Senator Flexer’s continuing efforts to secure this much needed assistance we will be awarded a grant to support a district wide improvement plan. On behalf of the members of the Thompson Board of Education and the children of Thompson we thank Senator Flexer for her steadfast support.”

“We are pleased to have played a role in securing these funds to allow Thompson to focus the additional resources it requires to improve student achievement throughout the district,” said state Education Commissioner Miguel Cardona. “These funds represent our commitment to investing in innovative strategies designed to transform the educational experiences and outcomes of traditionally underserved students in Thompson because, at the end of the day, all of our kids deserve a shot at success!”

The Finance Advisory Committee (FAC) approves transfers to or from any specific appropriation of a sum or sums in any one fiscal year of over $175,000 or ten percent of any specific appropriation, whichever is less. The committee is comprised of nine members and chaired by the Lieutenant Governor. Other members include the Governor, the State Comptroller, the State Treasurer, two Senators, and three Representatives.