John Fonfara

State Senator

John Fonfara

Deputy President Pro Tempore

May 3, 2017

Polish Constitution Day at the Capitol

photo of Senator Fonfara and Lucian Pawlak.

Senator John Fonfara (D-Hartford) honored Lucian Pawlak during the celebration of Polish Constitution Day at the State Capitol on Wednesday, May 3, 2017.

Lucian Pawlak, a former mayor of New Britain, has led numerous fundraising efforts to help people and families in the United State and Poland in his multiple leadership roles in Connecticut’s Polish community.

Senator Fonfara presented Pawlak with the following citation on behalf of the General Assembly:

“In recognition of your outstanding contributions as a Polish-American to the City of New Britain and the State of Connecticut. As a lifelong resident, former Mayor of New Britain, and former Pulaski Democratic Club President, you have helped create a positive social change that continues to give people opportunities to improve their lives and their community. Your life’s journey is a stunning example of the dedication and passion for your heritage and community. We honor your hard work, and we thank you. Dziekuje!”