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Herron Keyon Gaston

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July 17, 2023

Chair of Public Safety Committee, Senator Gaston, Releases Statement on CT State Police Trooper Audit

Today, state Senator Herron Keyon Gaston (D-Bridgeport), Chair of the Public Safety Committee and member of Connecticut’s Legislative Black and Puerto Rican Caucus, is releasing a statement following a recent presentation of an audit that found there is a high likelihood Connecticut State Police Troopers falsified thousands of traffic tickets.

“As chair of the Public Safety Committee, it is my due diligence to make sure drivers around our state are protected against unfair practices and have equal protection under the law,” said Sen. Gaston. “I will make it my mission to ensure equity and fairness for all Connecticut drivers behind the wheel. This audit presents a real challenge for our state, and my colleagues and I will work to find a solution. As we continue to conduct a thorough review of the audit, I am reaching out to community members while collaborating with law enforcement as we assess what actions will be taken from here.”

The Public Safety Committee and Judiciary Committee are set to have a meeting on July 26 to discuss and determine how to implement a future system where this will not happen in Connecticut again.