September 20, 2017

Standing Against the Devastating Republican Budget

Connecticut’s future depends on smart investments in our economy and a strong education system.
Over the past several months, Senate Democrats have been working diligently to pass a state budget that invests in Connecticut’s future and makes honest spending cuts and structural changes to pay down past debts.

Unfortunately, the Republican state budget that passed the Connecticut General Assembly betrays all of these principles. Republicans abandon our urban cores and economic drivers, slash higher education funding and eliminate jobs programs that help middle class families and manufacturers. Even with these cuts, the budget still relies on fake savings and is unbalanced.

Senate Democrats are committed to doing what is right for this state. That is why we are ready to work together to pass a budget that does not hurt our residents, devastate our higher education system or rely on unrealistic savings.

Please sign our petition and stand with me against these devastating cuts and tax increases. Together we can build a stronger future for Connecticut.

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The Republican budget:

Raises Taxes Over Half a Billion Dollars

  • Raises taxes on people who own a home
  • Raises taxes on people who own a car
  • Raises taxes on 44,000 teachers an average of $1,500 per year
  • Raises taxes on 200,000 low- to moderate-income working people
  • Raises taxes on hospitals
  • Raises taxes on businesses
  • Raises taxes on sports fans and concert goers
  • Raises taxes on homebuyers
  • BUT cuts taxes for the super-rich

Makes Devastating Cuts to Education, Jobs Programs and Local Institutions

  • Decimates UConn with an unprecedented cut of $309 million that will dramatically increase costs to students and could shut down academic departments, local branches, and some Division I sports
  • Cuts funding and scholarship opportunities to public and private colleges
  • Ends funding for manufacturers to train workers and provide new jobs
  • Eliminates the Small Business Express program which has helped hundreds of Connecticut small businesses
  • Kills green jobs and stifles an emerging market by taking $46 million from the Connecticut Green Bank and other clean energy and environmental initiatives.
  • Puts dark money and lobbyist money back into Connecticut politics by eliminating the Citizens Election Program
  • Dismantles tourism districts hurting a critical economic driver for the state
  • Robs the state pension fund