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Joan Hartley

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April 21, 2022

Bill Supporting Workforce Training and Job Readiness for Individuals Post-Incarceration Approved by Senate

State Senator Joan Hartley (D-Waterbury, Naugatuck, and Middlebury), Senate Chair of the Commerce Committee, led approval of Senate Bill 101, which directs the development of a plan to expand Connecticut’s current workforce development programs for incarcerated persons and people reentering the community after incarceration. The bill received unanimous support in the Senate and now moves to the state House of Representatives for consideration.

“I’m encouraged by the strong support this bill has received from my Senate colleagues and organizations supporting the well-being of Connecticut residents,” said Sen. Hartley. “By enhancing job training for people who are or have been incarcerated, we can support their reentry into their communities and help them start on the right foot in receiving a second chance.”

Senate Bill 101 would have Connecticut’s Chief Workforce Officer consult with the Connecticut Department of Corrections on developing a plan for increasing opportunities for people who are incarcerated or reentering the community after incarceration to receive job training. The plan would include greater access to technological training to assist individuals when reintegrating into Connecticut’s workforce.

Senate Bill 101 received the support of the CT Community Nonprofit Alliance (The Alliance) and the Connecticut Hospital Association. The Alliance noted in their testimony that enhancing employment opportunities for people who have been incarcerated would strengthen their ability to financially support themselves and their families. Also, job employment would reduce the chances of recidivism and improve public safety.