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Joan Hartley

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August 1, 2022

Sen. Hartley Welcomes $8 Million to Support Route 8/I-84 Mixmaster Project

In a major boost for upgrading regional transportation and infrastructure, State Senator Joan Hartley (D-Waterbury, Naugatuck, and Middlebury) welcomed the approval by Governor Lamont and the members of the State Bond Commission of $8 million to support continued improvements of the I-84 and Route 8 Interchange, also known as the Route 8/I-84 Mixmaster Rehabilitation project, in Waterbury.

“My thanks to Governor Lamont and the State Bond Commission membership for their shared commitment to fixing and building up Connecticut’s infrastructure, especially here in the greater Waterbury area,” said Sen. Hartley. “I’m thankful for their partnership as we continue to move forward on the mixmaster rehabilitation project. The completion of this extensive project will make our region more attractive to economic investment and support the daily travel of residents locally and across Connecticut.”

“Keeping our infrastructure in a good state of repair is critical if we want to grow jobs, attract businesses, and improve our overall quality of life, and this investment on the highways in Waterbury is an important component of doing that,” said Governor Lamont, who serves as chairman of the State Bond Commission.

The substantial infrastructure project is dedicated to preserving and providing a 25-year service life to the bridges located within the Route 8 and I-84 Interchange. The interchange is vital to ability of residents in the greater Waterbury region and across Connecticut to commute for work, school, and other every day travel needs. Further, the rehabilitation of the interchange offers long-term benefits supporting the economic development of Waterbury, local higher education institutions, and greater road safety for drivers.

Deck repairs and replacements, steel repairs and strengthening, substructure repairs, and paving are among the numerous upgrades that make up the Route 8/I-84 Mixmaster Rehabilitation Project. More information about the project can be found here.