Joan Hartley

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Joan Hartley

Chief Deputy President Pro Tempore

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December 8, 2022

Sen. Hartley, Waterbury Delegation Welcome State Investment in City’s Economic Development and Infrastructure

$10 Million Approved for Waterbury’s Freight Street Corridor Redevelopment Project. A Boost for Spurring Mixed-Use Transit-Oriented Redevelopment

Today, state Senator Joan Hartley (D-Waterbury, Naugatuck, and Middlebury) and the Waterbury delegation applauded Governor Lamont’s and the State Bond Commission’s approval of over $14 million toward several initiatives benefitting economic growth, infrastructure, and schools in the city.

Among the actions taken was the final approval of $10 million for city’s Freight Street Corridor Redevelopment Project. The funding will be used for demolition and remediation activities at three separate parcels – about 20 acres combined across 130 Freight Street, 000 West Main Street, and 170 Freight Street – in the city’s West End. The project carrying a long-term goal of encouraging mixed-use transit-oriented redevelopment – along with the accompanying jobs – and extending Waterbury’s downtown. This development on a currently blighted and underutilized area would complement improvements made to the Waterbury Branch Line’s downtown station and the city’s downtown.

“My continued thanks to Governor Lamont and the State Bond Commission for their partnership in the greater Waterbury region’s economic and community development,” said Sen. Hartley. “The approval of these funds for revitalizing the Freight Street District opens the path for hundreds of mixed-use and commercial jobs in an abandoned industrial area that is ready for a prosperous return. Also, we are continuing to make progress in other areas of community development. I welcome this state investment for improving local infrastructure and schools, which will benefit the ability of our children to learn and thrive.”

“I appreciate Governor Lamont and the State Bond Commission for their partnership and recognition of greater Waterbury’s economic and community development,” said Rep. Ron Napoli, incoming House Chair of the Bonding Subcommittee. “The approved bond funds will revitalize the Freight Street District and positively push the progress in other areas of economic development and commerce. I also welcome vital state investment for our local infrastructure and schools.”

“This funding supports long-term economic development in Waterbury, including hundreds of jobs and jump starts the revitalization of the Freight Street Corridor. Waterbury’s West End will be open to redevelopment after years of blight and neglect, which will extend downtown and complement the recent state, local, and federal investment in the heart of the city. We additionally welcome state investment for our infrastructure and schools. Our deepest thanks to Governor Lamont and the State Bond Commission for its approval and recognition of this vital funding,” said state Representatives Larry Butler, Michael DiGiovancarlo and Geraldo Reyes.

“I am glad that we can partner with Waterbury to get this state funding released so that we turn these blighted properties into something that will provide many years of productive use for generations to come and turn this area into a thriving neighborhood,” Governor Lamont said.

The $10 million for redevelopment of the Freight Street Corridor was signed off by the board of the Community Investment Fund 2030 in late September and recommended to Governor Lamont to be funded via state bonding. The Community Investment Fund 2030 is a five-year grant program, enacted in the 2021 legislative session, dedicated to fostering economic development in communities that have been historically underserved.

Additional items to support the Waterbury community that were approved by Governor Lamont and the State Bond Commission are:

  • $2.8 million in previously allocated funds to support a road realignment and intersection improvement project in the area of South Main Street, Washington Avenue, and Washington Street
  • $1,243,975 in grants-in-aid to fund school improvements at Crosby High School, Kennedy High School, North End Middle School, Wallace Middle School, and Wilby High School. The funds are aimed to promote the health, safety, and learning of students, while addressing building and site deficiencies. The schools awarded funds are part of the state’s Commissioner’s Network, which is focused on improving student achievement