April 1, 2019

Senator Haskell & Rep. Garibay Commend Advance of Legislation Fighting State Spending Waste

HARTFORD, CT – Today, State Senator Will Haskell (D-Westport) and State Representative Jane Garibay (D-Windsor) commended the Government Administration and Elections Committee’s March 29 approval of Sen. Haskell’s bill to incentivize state employees to report wasteful government spending to the state. This legislation would provide state employees who report wasteful government spending with a percentage of the resulting savings found by eliminating inefficiency.

Senate Bill No. 682, “An Act Concerning State Employee Reporting of Wasteful Practices,” would allow state employees who discover corrupt, unethical, mismanaged or otherwise wasted use of funding to report their findings to their supervisor. If the supervisor makes procedural changes to save costs, the employee in question would be awarded with 10 percent of the department’s cost savings in the first year after the wasteful spending is eliminated.

“No one knows the ins-and-outs of state government better than those who work inside the system,” said Sen. Haskell. “Let’s partner with those who have their ear to the ground and figure out how Connecticut can do better. I believe this bill will reduce inefficiencies within the state bureaucracy by rewarding employees who come forward with cost-saving suggestions and I look forward to voting on it again when it reaches the Senate floor.”

“I would like to thank Senator Haskell for the hard work and passion he put in to moving SB 672 forward, said Rep. Garibay. “Employee feedback and participation are crucial in our efforts to identify wasteful practices. I can’t wait for the results!”