March 8, 2021

Senator Haskell Named Senate Chair of Transportation Committee

Today, State Senator Will Haskell (D-Westport) was named Senate Chairman of the General Assembly’s Transportation Committee, a shift in responsibilities due to the recent election of State Senator Pat Billie Miller (D-Stamford), who will be sworn in this afternoon. Sen. Haskell will leave the Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee, where he has served as Senate Chairman for just over two years.

“I’m honored by this opportunity to help shape Connecticut’s future,” said Sen. Haskell, “For the last two years, I’ve kept a Metro-North timetable from 1970 on my desk in the Senate. Over the last five decades, those trains have gotten slower, not faster. It’s time to reverse that trend by investing in green infrastructure, creating good-paying jobs and helping our constituents get where they need to go. I’ll miss my colleagues and friends on the Higher Education Committee, and I’m proud of the work we’ve accomplished together. But I know that Sen. Slap will excel in the role.”

As the youngest member of the General Assembly, Sen. Haskell spearheaded a focus on college affordability during his time chairing the Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee. Since January of 2019, the committee has:

  • Established PACT CT, a program that provides debt-free community college to students who would otherwise be unable to afford higher education. Recently, Governor Ned Lamont pledged that the state budget will provide long-term funding for this program that benefits thousands of students.
  • Partnered with the Banking Committee and Finance Committee on a new tax credit to address student loan debt. This tax credit rewards employers who make loan payments on behalf of their employees.
  • Advanced the healthy and safety of students, prioritizing mental health services, sexual assault protections and a social safety net on campuses.