May 6, 2021

Senator Haskell, Representative Phipps Named Outstanding Rising Leaders by Newdeal, to Join Network of Democrats Solving America’s Biggest Issues

State Senator Will Haskell (D-Westport) and State Representative Quentin Phipps (D-Middletown) today announced they were selected by NewDEAL (Developing Exceptional American Leaders) to join that program, becoming the latest Democratic state officials working to solve the greatest challenges facing the United States of America today. Members of the nearly 200-person network continue to work to enact pro-growth, progressive solutions across the country at a time where recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic makes their work crucial.

“Both our country and our community are facing historic challenges, and I believe the work of state government has never been more critical. As we fight to end this pandemic, help our economy recover and build a better future for Connecticut, it’s critical that we share insights and learn from other leaders across the country,” said Sen. Haskell. “I feel so honored to be included in this group, and I am excited to be part of NewDEAL’s efforts to expand economic opportunity, invest in the next generation of workers and build a 21st century infrastructure network across the country.”

“We are in a unique moment for state and local leaders as we must find solutions for the urgent challenges further illuminated by COVID-19 while not losing focus on longer-term issues that will also affect Connecticut’s economic security for decades to come,” said Rep. Phipps. “I look forward to sharing lessons with and learning from other leaders who are setting the standard for effective governance, and I am excited to be part of NewDEAL’s efforts to expand opportunities for Americans in communities nationwide.”

Members of NewDEAL are recognized for their commitment to expanding opportunity and aim to build back better in their communities. Their work will build on policy recommendations including reports on education and climate change. NewDEAL additionally makes recommendations through its Forum Renewing American Task Force, providing guidance on affordable housing, child care, mass transit and the social safety net, and its Build Back Better series, aiming to address public health, economic, racial equity and climate change crises.

NewDEALers are working together in the name of progress, with resources available including a database of policies and programs addressing the wide-ranging impacts of the pandemic and recommendations for building back better from the crisis. There are now nearly 200 NewDEALers nationwide, chosen from more than 1,650 nominations in the last decade.

First elected to the state senate in 2018, Haskell was selected to join NewDEAL because of his dedication to expanding workforce development opportunities and reforming the criminal justice system. One of Haskell’s key initiatives includes establishing the PACT Program, which provides free community college opportunities for high school graduates in Connecticut. Haskell also serves as the Senate Chairman of the Transportation Committee and has been a leading advocate for green infrastructure investments and public transportation improvement.

First elected to the state house in 2018, Phipps was selected to join NewDEAL because of his dedication to building a social safety net that is equipped to protect Connecticut’s most vulnerable populations. One of his key initiatives addresses the weakening of pension and social security funds by giving all Connecticut-born children a state-managed retirement savings account with $3600 deposited at birth, to be made available as retirement funds when they turn 64. Phipps also has expertise in education policy, with a proven track record of supporting and empowering schools, and is dedicated to creating equitable public education opportunities for all Connecticut students.