May 12, 2021

Senator Haskell Leads Senate Approval Legislation Protecting Safety of Service Workers

Today, State Senator Will Haskell (D-Westport), Senate Chair of the Transportation Committee, led the State Senate in its approval of legislation that will protect the safety of service workers. The legislation requires a driver to give a service vehicle three feet of distance when passing them on the left to ensure that they do not injure the worker.

“There’s a reason this legislation passed the Transportation Committee unanimously – it’s an easy and effective change that will keep service workers safe when picking up garbage, delivering mail, dropping off packages, and going about the day,” said Sen. Haskell. “This work can be dangerous, as these vehicles see frequent stops and starts. I want to thank my colleagues for supporting this bill.”

Senate Bill 983, “An Act Concerning Slowing Down For Service Vehicles,” will require drivers passing stopped or slow-moving service vehicles to give three feet of space between their own vehicle and the service vehicle. This will provide additional space to prevent any potential accidents. The bill also classifies such workers as “vulnerable users,” extending existing protections that apply to pedestrians.

Service workers specified in the legislation include those working in garbage and recycling collection; those dispersing liquids and gases carried in tanks such as water or gas delivery; U.S. mail trucks; agricultural tractors; and vehicles driven by express delivery carriers such as delivery package drivers.