July 7, 2021

Application Deadline for Free Community College Program is July 15

The deadline for applications to the Pledge to Advance Connecticut, also known as PACT, is July 15. PACT is Connecticut’s free community college initiative, dedicated to opening doors for first-time college students by tearing down the barrier of affordability. More information about how to apply for this first-come, first-serve program is available here. Students can receive admission to one of 12 community colleges statewide, and so long as they take at least 12 credits per semester full-time and remain in good academic standing, they can earn up to 72 college credits without accruing any debt.

“The PACT program is so critical to achieving both our workforce development goals and our aspiration to create a more fair society,” said State Senator Will Haskell (D-Westport). “The promise of free community college will open doors for students who previously never dreamed that they could afford to pursue a degree at their local community college. I’m hopeful that PACT will bring more students onto campus, and in turn provide our local businesses with the skilled workforce that they need to succeed.”

“Free community college is a way for us to get our young people into college, if that is the career path they choose, without incurring all of the crushing financial debt that usually comes along with a college education,” said State Senator Cathy Osten (D-Sprague), who as Senate Chair of the Appropriations Committee helped secure this program into the future by providing a funding stream through the state’s new online lottery program.

To qualify for debt-free community college, students must live in Connecticut, have graduated from any Connecticut high school, home school program, or hold GED, and be enrolled in college for the first time. Continuing students who enroll and stay enrolled as full-time students in credit degree or certificate programs, or who take developmental educational courses, are eligible. Students must apply for and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, by the July 15 deadline and must continue to do so each year they are enrolled in addition to other applications.

Continuing students who were PACT-eligible during the fall and spring semesters this past school year are reminded to complete the FAFSA, register for full-time academic schedules and maintain good standing in their classwork.

For more information, and for guides to complete the application process, please visit https://www.ct.edu/pact.