September 6, 2022

Senator Haskell Announces Dot Planned Repaving In Redding, Bethel

Today, State Senator Will Haskell (D-Westport) announced the state Department of Transportation plans to resurface the pavement on Routes 53 and 58 in the towns of Redding and Bethel, with construction anticipated to start in spring 2023.

“When I go door-to-door, my constituents want to know when the damn roads are going to be fixed. They are understandably tired of hitting potholes, and they want to see infrastructure in their community that belongs in this century, not the last one,” said Sen. Haskell. “I’m glad this project will be fully funded by the state, and I look forward to a smoother ride through Bethel and Redding.”

The purpose of the project is to preserve pavement surface and extend pavement structure serviceability, involving application of an asphalt rubber chip seal on Route 53 in Redding between Route 107 and the Bethel Town Line and on Route 58 between Route 107 in Redding and Route 302 in Bethel.