Jan Hochadel

State Senator

Jan Hochadel

Deputy Majority Leader


January 10, 2023

Senator Hochadel Welcomes Agriculture Grant Benefiting Students in Middletown

State Senator Jan Hochadel (D-Meriden) is welcoming well-deserved funding that will benefit children in Middletown Public Schools. The Department of Agriculture recently announced the second round of Connecticut Grown for Connecticut Kids Grant has been awarded to 32 public school districts, including Middletown.

Middletown Public Schools will be awarded $24,670. Students in Middletown will be able to work with Cold Spring Farm. 4th graders will be able to take multiple field trips to this farm and be able to experience and participate in the full process of growing and harvesting carrots. Those carrots will then be integrated into the students meals.

“I am thrilled for these young students who will have the access to an experience which teaches them the process of agriculture and nutrition,” said Sen. Hochadel. “This hands-on opportunity gets students out of the classroom and empowers them to learn about the health benefits of locally grown produce, the positive impact they will make in their community by supporting local farmers, and the process of how food goes from farm to table.”

The grant being awarded to Middletown Public Schools is a part of 32 grants totaling $452,268. These awards will increase the availability of local foods in child nutrition programs, allow educators to use hands-on educational techniques to teach students about nutrition and farm-to-school connections, sustain relationships with local farmers and producers, enrich the educational experience of students, improve the health of children in the state and enhance the state’s economy.