Jan Hochadel

State Senator

Jan Hochadel

Deputy Majority Leader


April 6, 2023

Senator Hochadel, Meriden Delegation Welcomes $2.4 Million in State Bonding

Today, the Meriden Delegation comprised of state Senator Jan Hochadel (D-Meriden), and Representatives Michael D. Quinn (D-Meriden), Hilda E. Santiago (D-Meriden), and Jack Fazzino (D-Meriden), is welcoming $2.4 million in funding approved by the State Bond Commission for projects in Meriden. Funds will be allocated to the State Forensic Lab and Mulcahy Campus.

“This allocation of funding toward our state police troops is well deserved as our officers work to protect us every day,” said Sen. Hochadel. “They should have a safe and healthy environment to report to every day for work. I am grateful to Governor Lamont and the state Bond Commission for their investment in these renovation repairs in Meriden.”

“I want to thank Governor Lamont and the State Bond Commission for approving these funds to make needed improvements at Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection facilities in Meriden,” said Rep. Fazzino. “I am glad we have the commitment to fund critical infrastructure repairs for those who protect and improve the quality of life for all us.”

“I am pleased to have helped secure vital funds for these two entities to assist them making necessary improvements for their continued vital forensic and cutting-edge services,” said Rep. Quinn. “I am grateful to the Governor and the State Bond Commission for prioritizing these projects.”

“The Forensic Lab and Mulcahy Campus are established landmarks in Meriden that merit all the help we can provide to support their operations,” said Rep. Santiago. “I am delighted to have worked with my Meriden colleagues on securing this funding.”

Under the Bonding Agenda, funding has been approved that will be utilized for troop and facility emergency infrastructure repairs and renovations for operational use on a 24/7 basis for the State Police troops. Additionally, funding will be utilized to support statewide troop facilities in need of continual infrastructure repairs.

$1.2 million has been set to help clean room renovations at the State Forensic Lab in Meriden, and $1.2 million has been appropriated to help fund heating system installations at Mulcahy Campus in Meriden.