Jan Hochadel

State Senator

Jan Hochadel

Deputy Majority Leader


September 29, 2023

Senator Hochadel Votes for and Supports Earlier Presidential Primary Date

HARTFORD – In a special session of the General Assembly, state Senator Jan Hochadel (D-Meriden) voted to move Connecticut’s presidential primary date up four weeks from April 30 to April 2.

“I am proud to support moving our state’s presidential primary date up four weeks providing more attention and seriousness to such an important matter for voters,” said Sen. Hochadel. “Adjusting the date of the primaries to the beginning of April shifts the focus of all voters to the Northeast. Connecticut voters deserve an important voice in selecting the national Presidential candidates.”

The change in Connecticut’s presidential primary date will align us with presidential primary dates in New York, Rhode Island, Wisconsin and Delaware and could give Connecticut more influence in helping determine the ultimate nominees for the general election.