Julie Kushner

State Senator

Julie Kushner

Deputy President Pro Tempore

Working Together for Progress

March 1, 2021

Senator Kushner Encouraged by Senate Approval of Pilot Funding Adjustments Providing More Funds to Danbury

Today, State Senator Julie Kushner (D-Danbury) voted in favor of legislation providing as much as $2.5 million in additional funding to Danbury. The legislation adjusted the way Connecticut’s PILOT funds are dispersed; that program, designed to make up for revenue lost due to property tax exemptions of state property, colleges and hospitals, was fully funded in 2000, but since has seen funding decline to less than 25 percent of funds necessary to reimburse towns, leaving municipalities like Danbury lacking full reimbursement.

Among several changes made by House Bill 6516, “An Act Mitigating Adverse Tax Consequences Resulting From Employees Working Remotely During COVID-19, And Concerning The Removal of Liens On The Property of Public Assistance Beneficiaries and A Three-Tiered Grants In Lieu Of Taxes Program,” approved by the Senate today, acknowledges the program is underfunded and creates a new formula for it to follow. Under its new tiered system, Danbury may see funding increase by almost $2.5 million.

“Danbury is entitled to as much as $10.8 million under the PILOT formula, but due to underfunding, we receive less than $3 million of that,” said Sen. Kushner. “Under this legislation’s new system, Danbury may receive up to $2.5 million in additional funding, including $1.1 million due to its status as an Alliance District, as the state of Connecticut has recognized we need to invest more in education. I hope to see these funds benefit and bolster our need for increased education funding, and I hope the city of Danbury recognizes that need as well.”

Under the new legislation, a new three-tier system reassesses funding through PILOT considering towns’ grand list strength and educational program strength.