Julie Kushner

State Senator

Julie Kushner

Deputy President Pro Tempore

Working Together for Progress

April 6, 2023


HARTFORD – The State Bond Commission today approved $510,761 for Danbury Hackerspace to construct a second location in the former Crown Plaza Hotel in Danbury.

Danbury Hackerspace is a locally based nonprofit makerspace and coworking facility. It includes resources for entrepreneurs and creatives to utilize, such as 3D printers, prototyping tools, and a mockup studio. Danbury hackerspace will use the state grant to help make renovations to the new space, purchase equipment, and hire student interns to help run the hackerspace.

“The Danbury Hackerspace has proven itself over the past decade to be a business incubator for hundreds of entrepreneurs and artists. Now, with this substantial infusion of state funding, they’ll be able to expand their reach and their impact even further,” said state Senator Julie Kushner (D-Danbury).

“Danbury Hackerspace has been an innovator and incubator since 2012,” noted state Representative Bob Godfrey (D-110). “This funding will be split about 50/50 for renovations and for equipment. It’s exactly what Connecticut needs to build up our technology businesses.”

“I want to thank the State Bond Commission for approving funding for the Danbury Hackerspace. For the past decade, the Danbury Hackerspace has been an invaluable resource to our community and helped individuals cultivate and expand their businesses. Thanks to this funding, they will continue to do so for years to come,” said state Representative Farley Santos (D- 109).

“This state funding will help Danbury Hackerspace build one of the largest business incubators in the region right here in the 2nd District, at the former Crowne Plaza Hotel at Exit 2 in Danbury. Entrepreneurs and inventors will have access to 3D printers, industrial lasers, a machine shop, a wood shop, and studio spaces. Given their power in our economy, startups deserve this support and attention as we work to revitalize our economies in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. I want to thank Governor Lamont and the State Bond Commission for supporting this exciting workspace and helping us breathe new life into Connecticut’s innovative economy,” said state Representative Raghib Allie-Brennan (D-2).

“I want to congratulate Mike Kaltschnee on expanding the Danbury Hackerspace to a new location on the City’s westside, while keeping their location on Main Street. The organization provides tools, classes and assistance to people looking to start up new small businesses, which are the backbone of our economy,” said state Representative Rachel Chaleski (R-138).

The existing Danbury Hackerspace location at 158 Main Street will remain open.