June 30, 2016

Senator Larson Releases Statement on AG’s News that the State has Reached a Deal with Some Insurance Companies on Crumbling Concrete

Senator Tim Larson (D-East Hartford) today commented on the news that the State Attorney General has reached a deal with several insurance companies that would assist homeowners affected by the continuing crumbling concrete foundation crisis.

Senator Larson said:

“I would like to thank Attorney General George Jepsen for his efforts to bring insurance companies to the table on this issue, to provide homeowners with significant relief. State Department of Consumer Protection Commissioner Jonathan Harris and I have been working on a multi-pronged approach to address crumbling concrete foundations for quite some time in various towns and with a number of working groups. The news that the Attorney General and several insurance companies have reached an agreement on a program to assist affected homeowners is a bold step, and I am happy these companies are stepping up to help their customers. I am hopeful that more insurance companies will follow suit.”

The following statement is attributed to Attorney General George Jepsen:

“My office has been engaged for a number of months in negotiations with insurance companies seeking to develop a program through which homeowners who are experiencing crumbling foundations could receive significant financial assistance in fixing their homes. At this time, working in coordination with the Malloy Administration and the Departments of Insurance and Consumer Protection, we have developed a framework for this program, and have received indications from a small number of insurance companies that they would be inclined to participate. While it would be inappropriate to identify those insurance companies at this time, I am grateful for their civic-minded willingness to consider a role in addressing this pressing public problem. However, in order for the program to go forward, we need significantly more companies to commit to take part. I would strongly encourage Connecticut homeowners who are experiencing this problem, or who have friends or family members who are experiencing this, to contact their insurance companies and urge them to take part in this program.”