July 7, 2016

Larson Announces State Investments in East Windsor, Ellington, South Windsor and East Hartford

State Senator Tim Larson (D-East Hartford) today welcomed news that the towns of East Windsor, Ellington, South Windsor and East Hartford are slated to receive grant-in-aid funding when the State Bond Commission meets for a vote next week.

On Tuesday, July 12, the State Bond Commission is expected to vote to release funding that will benefit all four towns in the 3rd Senatorial District which have chosen to partner on large purchases through a program called the Intertown Capital Equipment (ICE) Purchase Incentive Program.

“As the Senate Chairman of the M.O.R.E (Municipal Opportunities & Regional Efficiencies) Commission, I feel strongly that this type of regional investment perfectly demonstrates the type of collaboration among towns that we are striving for,” said Sen. Larson. “The ‘ICE’ program has been invaluable to our smaller towns, where it is often difficult to fund the purchase of an expensive—but critical—piece of equipment that is only needed intermittently. The towns which have chosen to ‘regionalize’ by sharing the cost and use of the equipment have been able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars over time by participating in this program and sharing the cost of large purchases.”

At its meeting, the State Bond Commission is expected to approve grants-in-aid to the following towns in and around the 3rd District:

  • Ellington, East Windsor and Somers—$68,000 for an asphalt recycler
  • Enfield and East Windsor—$92,000 for a skid steer with attachments
  • Enfield and East Windsor—$131,000 for a sewer camera and truck
  • East Hartford and Manchester—$111,000 for a John Deere tractor with mowing equipment
  • Enfield, Ellington and Somers—$58,000 for a mobile propane bottle recycler
  • Ellington, Vernon and Stafford—$188,000 for a sewer line camera truck
  • South Windsor, Coventry and Tolland—$89,000 for computer equipment

“I am very happy to support the ICE program and the funding it has contributed to our local communities, and will continue to ensure we fight for programs that make good fiscal sense for our state and for our local taxpayers,” said Sen. Larson.