July 12, 2016

East Hartford Delegation Applauds $12 Million in Bonding for Silver Lane Infrastructure Improvements

East Hartford, CT—The East Hartford delegation today welcomed the news that the State Bond Commission voted to approve a $12 million grant-in-aid for redevelopment of the Silver Lane and Rentschler Field Corridor.

The State Bond Commission met at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford Tuesday morning, where it approved the funding for public infrastructure improvements for redevelopment of Silver Lane, which local and state officials believe is primed for enormous economic growth due to its location and proximity to world class industry leaders.

“I want to thank Governor Malloy for this significant contribution toward the successful completion of his vision for East Hartford’s ‘aerospace alley,’” said Senator Tim Larson (D-East Hartford). “Pratt & Whitney’s world headquarters and the United Technologies Research Center will continue to be the anchors of our local economy, and I believe that they will draw new and innovative businesses and other exciting opportunities and investments to the Silver Lane and Rentschler Field corridor. This funding will allow us to develop the necessary infrastructure to support the new development and jobs that will rejuvenate East Hartford and the state as a whole.”

“We thank the governor for his continued support of investment to the East Hartford community,” state Representative Jeff Currey (D-East Hartford) said. “These funds for the redevelopment of Silver Lane and the Rentshler Field corridor will revitalize East Hartford’s main artery and ready it for additional infrastructure, business expansion, and job growth, all of which are needed to help restore the heart of East Hartford to the thriving area it once was.”

“This is a great step forward for development of Rentschler Field and the Silver Lane corridor,” said state Representative Jason Rojas (D-East Hartford). “The Mayor, her team and the legislative delegation have been working with the Governor’s Office to secure these funds to invest in infrastructure improvements that are key to any future development. I appreciate Governor Malloy’s and the state’s investment in East Hartford and looking forward to finalizing a master plan for the enormous development opportunity that exists in East Hartford that will benefit the region and state.”

“I would like to thank Governor Malloy for meeting with myself, the East Hartford delegation and the East Hartford Mayor. The $12 million is an important investment to improve the infrastructure at Rentschler Field. This will help spur other development in the area benefitting the Town of East Hartford with the creation of jobs,” said state Representative Henry Genga.