Matt Lesser

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Matt Lesser

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April 12, 2022

Senator Matt Lesser Leads Passage of Bill Extending Four Executive Orders

Today, state Senator Matt Lesser (D-Middletown), led passage of Senate Bill 493 that extends four executive orders including the extension of non-congregate housing, the accessibility of the Connecticut vaccination datable, the extension of eviction protection, and the extension of the Temporary Nurse Aide Program. These executive orders were extended by the General Assembly in February of this year, were set to expire on April 15, and will now be extended to June 30.

“Earlier this year, the legislature chose to codify 14 executive orders, we have seen several of them expire, but extending these four orders will help allow our state to stay safe and healthy,” said Sen. Lesser. These orders are critical in keeping vulnerable people safe and helping to alleviate staff shortages in many state staffing homes and facilities. The small scope of this bill reflects the fact that the state has been managing the COVID pandemic successfully and we are moving toward normalcy. ”

This bill:

  • Allows Connecticut to move folks into congregate living to safer and less crowded setting
  • Allows temporary nurse aides to continue to fill a nursing shortage
  • Allows the CT vaccine database to continue
  • Gives more time to give rent-relief payments to people in the UniteCT program