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Martin M. Looney

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June 30, 2023

Legislators Welcome State Bonding for New Haven

HARTFORD – Today, New Haven’s state senators and state representatives welcomed over $29 million in state bonding to benefit New Haven. The funding will support the early education of 100 children, a new bus rapid transit system, a community housing land bank to eliminate blight, grants to homeowners with structural damage, providing more property to the New Haven Port Authority, and improvements at four parks and the Annex Little League. The specific projects include:

$2 million to provide a grant-in-aid to LULAC Head Start Inc. of New Haven to purchase a new building and relocate to James Street to accommodate serving approximately 100 infants, toddlers, and preschoolers; $20 million to finance the construction of a bus rapid transit system in New Haven as part of the Move New Haven On-Street Bus Rapid Transit System Project. Funding will be used to match a Federal Transit Authority RAISE grant. The project consists of eighteen enhanced on-street stops and four mini-hubs with shelters; $5 million to establish a community housing land bank and land trust in New Haven to assist with eliminating blight.; $1 million to finance grants-in-aid to homeowners with homes located in the immediate vicinity of the West River in the Westville section of New Haven and Woodbridge for structurally damaged homes due to subsidence and to homeowners with homes abutting the Yale Golf Course in the Westville section of New Haven for damage to such homes from water infiltration or structural damage due to subsidence.; $751,000 to change the use of the previously allocated funds to a grant-in-aid to the New Haven Port Authority for the purchase of Department of Transportation surplus properties for maritime related uses; $250,000 to implement and restore a city plan for Quinnipiac River Park; $100,000 to upgrade and restore parkgrounds and facilities at Fort Wooster Park; $100,000 for improvement to recreation areas at Fairmont Park; $100,000 for renovation of bathhouses, erosion prevention, beach upgrades at Lighthouse Park; $100,000 for upgrades to little league park facilities for the Annex Little League

“I am proud to put more than $29 million to work in New Haven,” said Governor Lamont. “From bolstering early education and enhancing park facilities to developing rapid transit, expanding housing options, and creating jobs in harbor area, these dollars will help the city chart a path to equitable economic growth. Each of these projects is a building block of transformation, and I am glad we’ve been able to get them approved.”

“This investment in early education will pave the way for a brighter and more inclusive future, ensuring that more children have access to high-quality preparation for school and a strong foundation for success,” said Senate President Pro Tempore Martin Looney. “Additionally, the establishment of a new bus rapid transit system will enhance connectivity and accessibility. Furthermore, the support for the New Haven Port Authority will continue the momentum of this local economic engine. Together, these initiatives demonstrate the unwavering commitment of New Haven’s state legislators and Governor Lamont to the progress, prosperity, and well-being of all our city residents.”

“This state funding for New Haven will benefit city residents in the short term and well into the future,” said Senator Gary Winfield. “I want to thank Governor Lamont and all my New Haven colleagues at the Capitol for their dedicated efforts in securing these funds.”

“This funding will foster much needed renovations and upgrades to our city,” said Rep. Pat Dillon. “I am proud of the New Haven delegation for our hard work in securing this funding.”

“This bonding supports investments that will significantly improve the quality of life in New Haven,” said Rep. Walker. “I thank my colleagues and our local partners for collaborating to provide resources to many community initiatives.”

“State funding for New Haven’s early education and other projects are critically important for the city to succeed, and I want to thank Governor Lamont, the State Bond Commission, the members of our legislative delegation, and others who worked to secure this funding, “said Rep. Porter.

“I’m thrilled to see all of the amazing projects that will be funded in New Haven,” Rep. Candelaria said. “These projects will help everyone, from toddlers to homeowners to those who use public transportation. Thank you to the New Haven delegation and Governor Lamont for their hard work securing these funds.”

“The approval of $751,000 in bond funding directly to the New Haven Port Authority helps complete a several-year land conveyance process to purchase four very important parcels of land currently owned by the DOT,” said Rep. Paolillo. “This allows for economic development and expanded maritime use in this strategic harbor area, an economic driver for jobs and commerce in our city and state. Thank you to Governor Lamont, DOT Commissioner Eucalitto, Senator Looney, Transportation Co-Chair Roland Lemar, New Haven Port Authority members, and staff who all worked cooperatively to make this happen.”

“New Haven will undoubtedly be better off with these projects funded, including the incredible investment in the Move New Haven On-Street Bus Rapid Transit System Project and our local parks,” Rep. Lemar said. “Not only will the residents of New Haven feel the immediate benefits of these projects, but they are also laying the groundwork for years of economic and social success in our community.”

“On behalf of the New Haven Port Authority we could not be more grateful and would like to thank Governor Lamont, DOT Commissioner Eucalitto, Senator Looney, Representative Paolillo and Representative Lemar. The conveyance of this land is very important because land is at a premium at the Port of New Haven will be very important for maritime commerce and the economic activity it brings,” said Sally Kruse, Executive Director of the New Haven Port Authority.

The Bond Agenda was approved on Friday, June 30.