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Martin M. Looney

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June 30, 2023

Looney, Paolillo Welcome $650,000 in State Bonding for Neighborhood Parks

HARTFORD – Today, Senate President Pro Tempore Martin M Looney (D-New Haven) and State Representative Al Paolillo, Jr. (D-New Haven) welcomed $650,000 in state bonding for improvement at four local parks and the Annex Little League. The specific projects and amounts are:

Quinnipiac River Park – $250,000 – implement and restore city plan; Fort Wooster Park – $100,000 – upgrade and restore park and facilities ; Fairmont Park – $100,000 – improvement to recreation areas; Lighthouse Park – $100,000 – renovation of bathhouses, erosion prevention, beach upgrades; Annex Little League – $100,000 – upgrades to little league park facilities.

“I am thrilled to announce the arrival of new state bonding dedicated to enhancing our local parks and the Annex Little League facilities,” said Senate President Pro Tempore Martin M. Looney. “This investment represents our ongoing commitment to creating vibrant, accessible spaces for the community to enjoy. With these additional resources, the City can now embark on important projects that will breathe new life into our parks, ensuring they continue as cherished gathering places for families and neighbors. Furthermore, the upgrades of the Annex Little League facilities will enhance the safe and nurturing environment for our young athletes to develop their skills and forge lifelong memories. I extend my sincere gratitude to Governor Lamont for his partnership and support in addressing these projects for New Haven.”

“This state funding will support parks and recreational facilities across New Haven, ensuring that these well-visited locations remain in a state of good repair for people to enjoy for years to come,” said Governor Ned Lamont, who serves as chairman of the State Bond Commission and sets its agenda. “I am glad we could partner with the city to get these projects done.”

“Thank you to Governor Lamont and the hard work of the New Haven Delegation for recognizing the important role that these parks play in improving the quality of life in the New Haven community for the families and visitors who will benefit,” said Representative Paolillo. “The $650,000 will go a long way towards making the necessary upgrades and improvements to these recreational areas, such as the Annex Little League and Lighthouse Park among other projects, which provide such positive, enriching programs and events for our youth and families.”

The Bond Agenda was approved on Friday, June 30.