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Rick Lopes

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December 12, 2021

New Britain Delegation Announces $6 Million to Support Facility Renovation that will House Programs Assisting People with Long-Term Health Issues

State Senator Rick Lopes, state Representatives Robert Sanchez, Manny Sanchez, and Peter Tercyak, all representing New Britain, welcomed the approval of $6 million by Governor Lamont and the State Bond Commission to support Community Mental Health Affiliates’ (CMHA) work to renovate a new facility to house in the future two residential programs assisting people with long-term health issues. The funding will go toward covering costs for removing asbestos and mold that was discovered when CMHA was renovating the facility.

The facility to be renamed “Kensington Gardens,” located at 66 Clinic Drive in New Britain, will be the future site of two residential programs serving about three dozen individuals with chronic medical or mental health issues.

“For years, Community Mental Health Affiliates has been a lifeline for people struggling with their mental health and other health challenges. Through this funding, CMHA can continue to provide critical services to their clients in an environment that is spacious and tailored to their clients’ needs,” said Sen. Lopes. “I am thankful to Governor Lamont and the State Bond Commission for recognizing the many benefits that CMHA’s facility renovation will bring.”

“I wholeheartedly support the good work of Community Mental Health Affiliates as many lives have been enriched by their services delivered through a dedicated and committed staff,” Rep. Robert Sanchez said. “I thank Governor Lamont for this funding and look forward to the enhanced facilities.”

“The need for adequate mental health services is at an all-time high across our state and country. Community Mental Health Affiliates have been an indispensable part of our community for many years lending their services for those that need help,” Rep. Manny Sanchez said. “This funding will go a long way to improving services and I thank Governor Lamont for including this important item on the agenda.”

“I am a big fan of Community Mental Health Affiliates. I’m familiar with their services, having previously been a homecare nurse for a few of their folks,” said Rep. Tercyak. “I’ll always support a CMHA housing initiative because I’ve seen the good that they do.”

“Community Mental Health Affiliates in New Britain provides an invaluable service to so many people in the region. Through this state funding, we can help ensure that this nonprofit organization has a safe place to operate and they can continue serving the community,” said Governor Lamont.

CMHA is a leading provider of integrated health and behavioral health care for youth, adults, and families. For over two decades, the provider has given 24/7 residential care to some of Connecticut’s most vulnerable individuals. CMHA offers numerous supports for individuals in their care or seeking their assistance including employment services, the Team Time Social Club, outpatient and in-home service programs, and residential programs. Individuals care learn more about the services available through CMHA by visiting their website.