Ceci Maher

State Senator

Ceci Maher

Deputy President Pro Tempore

Working Together For Our Communities

October 12, 2023


Today, State Senator Ceci Maher (D-Wilton) announced that she received an “A” grade from the Connecticut Education Association as it released its Legislator Report Cards for the 2023 legislative session. The CEA releases these report cards every other year; 2023 is the first time the organization is issuing them annually, noting legislators’ support of policies supporting education strength and enhancing the teaching profession.

According to the CEA, any legislator who scored an “A” proposed or co-sponsored bills positively impacting students, teachers and public education, advocated for bills supporting those priorities and discussed pressing educational issues.

“Education must remain one of our state’s foremost priorities, in support of Connecticut’s future,” said Sen. Maher. “I’m proud that the CEA has recognized my efforts to promote and bolster schools, teachers and students for the benefit of our communities. I’m looking forward to continuing to work in support of Connecticut education.”

The CEA reported that Sen. Maher’s score was due to support of policies including supporting teacher recruitment and retention; addressing challenging student behavior and working to make classrooms safer; improving indoor air quality in schools; support for play-based learning; the state budget, which provided significant school funding through education cost sharing; allowing for kindergarten start age waivers; providing tuition assistance for some educators; and aiding the formation of a special education task force designed to examine case loads, among others.