James Maroney


James Maroney



January 31, 2019

Maroney Announces Bills to Offer Discounts, Property Tax Freeze to Senior Citizens

Today, State Senator James Maroney (D-Milford) announced bills that will ease the financial burden of cable bills on senior citizens and provide them with a property tax freeze.

Cable TV Discount

Senate Bill No. 105 “An Act Concerning a Discount for Senior Cable TV Subscribers,” will require cable companies to create a low cost package option for senior citizens.

“While walking door to door campaigning, many senior citizens told me that their cable bill was almost one quarter of their rent and many said they relied on cable television as their connection to the world.” said Sen. Maroney.

For many on a fixed monthly income, rising cable costs can create too heavy a burden. Sen. Maroney said senior citizens should not be cut off from entertainment and information due to the costs of cable.

“For senior citizens who get some of their news and information from cable television, choosing between information or groceries or other utilities is a difficult choice they should not have to make,” said Sen. Maroney. “My hope is this discount will make it so senior citizens do not have to choose.”

Property Tax Freeze

Senate Bill No. 525, “An act Increasing the Qualifying Income Threshold Levels for the Circuit Breaker Tax Relief Program,” will increase eligibility to the Circuit Breaker Tax Relief Program to senior citizens.

“Time and again seniors would tell me how they worried that they could no longer afford to stay in their home, even though they love our community. Many have raised families here and contributed to our community, but now they are afraid they might have to leave,” said Sen. Maroney. “Providing them with some property tax relief will hopefully help them to stay in their homes and in the community that they love.”

Senate Bill 525 calls for an increase to the qualifying income threshold levels for the tax relief program to $45,000 for unmarried homeowners and $65,000 for married homeowners.

About Sen. Maroney: Sen. Maroney was first elected to represent the 14th District (Milford) in 2018. Before being elected to the Senate, he was a State Representative for the 119th District from 2012-2014, where he served on the Higher Education Committee. Due to his distinguished service on the Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee, he was asked to serve on the Planning Commission for Higher Education and help develop a strategic plan for higher education in Connecticut.