James Maroney


James Maroney



March 5, 2019

Senator Maroney’s Testimony on School Regionalization

Honorable Chairman McCrory ,Chairman Sanchez, Vice Chairs, Ranking Members, and distinguished members of the Education Committee, my name is James Maroney, and I represent the 14th State Senate district and I am submitting testimony regarding Senate Bills 874, 457, and 738 as well as House Bill 7150, all concerning school regionalization.

I offer to the committee to look at the success of the Amity School District in Woodbridge. I ask that we be cognizant of the ramifications that would occur should this district be dismantled. Instead, let us use this District as a model for other districts to use should they combine.

The Amity Regional School District is an example of smart, thoughtful district regionalization. Amity High School consistently ranks near the top of almost every academic ranking for schools in Connecticut. It is regionalization done right.

I hear from my constituents daily of their opposition to these bills should they dismantle this successful school district. It is my hope this honorable committee hear their voices as well. The impact of breaking up this district would be harsh and unnecessary, due to their clear success at regionalizing already.

I would ask that if the committee chooses to move forward with a school regionalization bill, that it exclude Amity and other successful regional districts around the state. I urge the committee to also be mindful of the repercussions that could come with dismantling the already regionalized school districts in our state. We shouldn’t mess with something that so clearly works for young people and their families.

I thank the committee for their attention to this testimony and I look forward to working with you as the conversation continues.