James Maroney


James Maroney



February 2, 2021

Club Permit and Nonprofit Club Permit Fees Act Voted Out of General Law Committee, Heads to Senate

Today, the General Law Committee passed a bill that would reduce permit fees for non-profit clubs. The fees had been inadvertently raised by the sweeping overhaul of the state’s liquor statutes in 2019. This bill will allow for an adjustment to the annual fee for a cafĂ© permit for prior holders of club permits and nonprofit club permits and allows the Department of Consumer Protection to refund anyone who paid the $2,000 fee the difference.

Senator James Maroney (D-Milford), Chair of the General Law Committee, led the discussion in the General Law Committee meeting today following Thursday’s public hearing.

“This is a huge effort in helping those who have not paid or have already paid their annual fee for this year,” said Sen. Maroney. “Those who have paid will be reimbursed. I have heard from many non-profit clubs that they are struggling with closures and the increased permit fees. This will hopefully help them so they can continue to invest in our communities with the savings.”

“It is with gratitude that so many of our elected representatives understand that The American Legion and our brother Veterans Service Organizations are non-profits and use our funds to support our communities, state, and nation,” said Tom Flowers, Chairman of the Ct. American Legion Legislative Affairs Committee.

The coronavirus pandemic provided hardship on businesses including cafes around the state. Under this bill, an annual fee for a cafe permit will be two thousand dollars. The annual fee for a cafe permit for a prior holder of a club permit or a nonprofit club permit will be $815, which is lower than the annual fee of $2,000 that currently holds now, reducing annual permit fees for club and nonprofit clubs.

The bill, an ACT CONCERNING CLUB PERMIT AND NONPROFIT CLUB PERMIT FEES, known as SB263, now heads to the senate.