James Maroney


James Maroney



April 29, 2021

State Senator James Maroney Leads Passage of Bill that Provides a Fair Reimbursement for Power Equipment

Today, state Senator James Maroney (D-Milford), Chair of the General Law Committee led discussion and the passage of Senate Bill 264, An Act Concerning Fair Reimbursement To Retail Dealers Of Power Equipment. This bill guarantees fair reimbursement for retail dealers of power equipment and specifies when they should be paying a warranty claim.

“I was proud to lead passage of this bill in the senate,” said Sen. Maroney. “This legislation will ensure that our quality local businesses are paid fairly for their repair work. I am happy to see an agreement made between both the equipment manufacturers and the dealer repair shops.”

Under this bill, when a small repair shop performs warranty work on behalf of a supplier/manufacturer, they must be paid their stated hourly rate. This deal was agreed upon by both the supplier and the retail seller. The seller will pay the supplier the current net price plus 18% for any parts that are needed to be fixed, on top of the hourly labor rate.

SB 264 would benefit several small businesses in the state including businesses in the 14th district that Sen. Maroney represents. Businesses in Orange, like Knights, that perform quality repair work on behalf of the manufacturers, would benefit with this fair reimbursement and just have to submit a claim back to the seller in order to receive the reimbursement within 30 days.