James Maroney


James Maroney



November 2, 2021

New England Brewing Co. to Move from Woodbridge to West Haven

State Senator James Maroney, Representative Dorinda Borer, Representative Charlie Ferraro, Mayor Nancy Rossi, Marty Juliano from the New England Brewing Company, and Phil Pappas, Head of the Craft Brewers Association announced the expansion of New England Brewing Company. New England Brewing Co. will be moving from Woodbridge to West Haven where the Savin Rock Convention Center is. With this move to a waterfront location in West Haven, it will create up to 100 jobs and double guest capacity.

“To see the success of craft breweries in the state is gratifying and I have great hope for this brewery coming to West Haven,” said Sen. Maroney. “New England Brewing Company is great community partners to a number of different organizations and that’s what West Haven is about. Its about community and to bring this brewery here, it brings me great joy to welcome them.”

“I’m very excited about this announcement and I think West Haven needed some good news,” said Mayor Rossi. “My plan always was never to sell one of the most beautiful pieces of property West Haven owned, but instead it will be a long-term lease. We will have a beautiful brand-new brewery and I look forward to the day of cutting the ribbon. West Haven’s first brewery will be among the top brewery destinations in the northeast and bring tens of thousands of visitors to our city.”

“We’re very excited to share the news of New England Brewing Company’s relocation and expansion to the beautiful waterfront property in West Haven,” said Pappas, Head of the Craft Brewers Association. “As one of CT’s first craft breweries and leaders in the states brewing industry, this is a well-deserved expansion project. Our brewing industry represents 124 craft breweries, having a $3 billion economic impact in the state, and employs over 18,000 people, having New England Brewing as the forefront of what local breweries can accomplish is humbling to be a part of. I can’t wait to be sitting on the patio with a Sea Hag in hand watching the sunset.”

“We’ve been looking for the right place to move our brewery for a few years now, and not just to any city, but the right place, so we’re excited to share that we’ll be moving New England Brewing Company here to West Haven,” said Juliano. “As someone who grew up in town, I’m excited to be bringing a new production facility, taproom, and event space to this beautiful waterfront property. There’s so much tourism in craft beer right now, so we’re excited to be bringing that to the city West Haven and welcome residents to an exciting space in town! We’re thankful to Senator Maroney, Mayor Nancy Rossi, and the entire city’s support and warm welcome of New England Brewing Company and are excited to welcome West Haven residents and our loyal customers to our new space next year.”

“While today’s announcement regarding the New England Brewery’s intention to open a West Haven location at the long vacant Savin Rock Convention Center is pending final approval from the West Haven City Council, one can’t help but to be excited for our beloved city,” said Rep. Ferraro. “To begin with it would provide the city with much needed revenue in the form of a long-term land lease. Additionally, a tear down and rebuild will remove a long overdue repair that would have cost our city over a million dollars instead we will get a brand new 52,000 square foot building. New England Brewery is a good neighbor who has a history of philanthropic donations and who has offered minority scholarships. Finally, for me it is especially satisfying since I was involved in the original effort to locate a brewery there two years ago and given the fact that my childhood home was located a mere 200 yards from the location.”

New England Brewing Co. is not just known for the quality of their beers but their contributions they make to the community as well. The brewery is known for their contributions to the Closer To Free Ride and this past year they raised over $200 thousand that will be going to the Smilow Cancer Center. The Brewery also is known for sponsoring scholarships to Sacred Heart to help local students get access to education.

The plan is to build a production facility, a taproom, and events space. The production facility will be about 35,000 square feet, with a preliminary design to be about 52,000 square feet total for the entire brewery. The space will hold upwards of 1,000 people and it is estimated to offer 75 to 100 jobs. The West Haven City Council is set to vote on this brewery next week.