James Maroney


James Maroney



February 28, 2023

State Senator James Maroney Provides Written Testimony On Improving Major Highways In CT

This week, state Senator James Maroney (D-Milford), testified during the Transportation Committee’s Public Hearing on Senate Bill 623, ‘An Act Concerning Route Shield Pavement Markings At Major Highway Intersections. SB 623 will work to improve safety at major highway intersections, specifically Interstate Routes 95 and 91 in the city of New Haven and at the intersection of Interstate Routes 91 and 84 in Hartford.

“Painting route shields on the highway at the interchanges would further improve traffic flow and potentially help to reduce accidents,” said Sen. Maroney. “These route shield markings would help with guiding, warning, regulating traffic, and provide additional emphasis on motorists safety. I am committed to improving our driver’s safety in our state and I will continue to advocate for increased visuals on our roadways.”

In ,Senator Maroney’s testimony, he explains how the bill was introduced, by one of his constituents who wants to see route markers painted on the pavement as they are when you drive over the Tappanzee Bridge in New York at the exchange of I-87 and I-287. Senator Maroney said while there were no statistics specific to painting the route markers on the pavement readily available, pavement markings are seen to reduce accidents by 13% according to studies and help calm and improve traffic flow.