James Maroney


James Maroney



June 30, 2023

West Haven Delegation Supports Bonding Approved for West Haven

Today, the West Haven Delegation consisting of state Senators James Maroney and Gary Winfield, and state Representatives Charles Ferraro, Dorinda Borer and Trenee McGee are supporting state bonding approved for West Haven. Funding is set to be allocated to make public safety improvements in the city and provide upgrades to the West Haven Public Safety Building.

“This funding for West Haven will help make significant improvements to both Lake Street and Colonial Boulevard neighborhood and the Public Safety Building,” said Sen. Maroney. “Our residents and public safety officers both deserve an environment they can thrive in and feel safe with substantial upgrades. I am thankful to the State Bond Commission for approving these funds.”

“I am thrilled the state will be investing in these important initiatives and thankful for the work of Governor Lamont and my fellow legislators and their commitment to supporting West Haven,” said Sen. Gary Winfield (D-New Haven & West Haven). “By focusing on erosion prevention and resilient climate adaptation efforts, we are taking proactive steps to safeguard our community against the impacts of a changing climate. Furthermore, the significant investment at the West Haven Public Safety Building will allow for us to continue to provide a safer and more secure environment for everyone in our community.”

“I am incredibly proud of this state investment in our local infrastructure to support and protect our environment and enhance the quality of life for residents and guests of West Haven,” said Rep. Ferraro. “Thank you to the State Bond Commission for this generous grant.”

“This funding will address the erosion caused by climate change and will help West Haven take more climate resilient action,” said Rep. McGee. “I thank the West Haven delegation for their efforts in securing this funding and Governor Lamont and the State Bond Commission for their support.”

“This funding will have countless benefits for the residents of West Haven,” said Rep. Borer. “Whether it be upgrading and replacing the Police Department’s critical phone system, making safety, health and environmental enhancements for the Lake Street community, or remodeling our animal shelter, I’m thrilled and proud to see the hard work on these projects pay off. “

The City of West Haven will receive $1.25 million to address stream bed and beach restoration, erosion prevention, public safety improvements, and resilient climate adaptation efforts for the Lake Street and Colonial Boulevard neighborhood.

West Haven will also receive $880,000 for upgrades, improvements, and equipment for the West Haven Public Safety Building. This project will include communication system upgrades, road monitors, police building improvements, and defibrillators.

The Bond Agenda was recently approved this morning. The West Haven Delegation plans to hold a press conference on the Lake Street project in the near future.