Doug McCrory


Doug McCrory



July 28, 2020

Senator McCrory, Blue Hills Civic Association Welcome State Investment in Youth Employment and Business Development

State Senator Doug McCrory (D-Hartford) and the Blue Hills Civic Association (BHCA) welcomed the State Bond Commission’s approval of $300,000 in state funding for the renovations and improvements to a building located at 410 Homestead Avenue in Hartford. The renovations will support use of the building for a new training center and administrative offices.

The new training center will provide services and programs focused on supporting youth, families, and business development.

The BHCA is dedicated to empowering residents in the Blue Hills neighborhood and surrounding communities through youth workforce readiness programs, managing the North End Senior Center, and community organizing forums.

“For decades, the Blue Hills Civic Association has supported countless youth in becoming community leaders. I have heard from many participating youths about how the mentorship and skill development gained through the organization’s programs has put them on track toward reaching their personal and professional goals in life,” said Sen. McCrory. “Thank you to Governor Lamont and members of the State Bond Commission for their support of this vital community organization and the multi-generational impact of their work.”

“I’m grateful Governor Lamont, State Senator McCrory, House Majority Leader Matt Ritter, and State Representative Joshua Hall, have recognized the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the visibility of the inequities that exist in North Hartford,” said Vicki Gallon-Clark, Executive Director of the Blue Hills Civic Association (BHCA). “This combined with racial and social justice disparities have resulted in a crisis mode in this community. The BHCA is excited to partner with others in responding to this crisis by increasing: youth training and employment, the number of families receiving financial literacy and the number of residents who are assisted in starting and/or maintaining their own businesses.”