Doug McCrory


Doug McCrory



December 2, 2021

Hartford City and State Leaders Announce New Flooding Mitigation Program for Homeowners and Businesses Impacted this Fall

Senator Doug McCrory (D-Hartford) joined Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin, House Speaker Matt Ritter, Representative Joshua Hall, City Council President Maly Rosado, City Councilman TJ Clarke and other Hartford leaders to announce the launch of a new Flood Mitigation Assistance Program for city residents impacted by flooding during major storms earlier this year, including Tropical Storm Fred, Storm Henri and Storm Ida.

The new $500,000 city initiative will provide grants of up to $7,500 to owner-occupants of 1-3 unit residential buildings and to small business owners impacted by flooding in the wake of these storms. Those who have yet to perform repairs or improvements and those seeking reimbursement for work already performed as a result of these storms may apply for assistance. The grants will also help property owners to reduce or eliminate the risk of repetitive damage to buildings, basements and mechanical systems not covered by insurance or available MDC initiatives.

“In the aftermath of the late summer storms, I heard from many of my constituents about the flooding that affected their homes and basements. The loss of belongings and costs to fix property damage has caused much stress for families and business owners, and it is critical that we make assistance available,” said Sen. McCrory. “I greatly welcome this grant program to help neighborhood residents impacted and there remains more work to do. I will continue to collaborate with local, state, and community stakeholders on finding solutions to help build up resilience to and recovery from increasingly severe weather.”

“We had a lot of homeowners and small businesses hit hard by flooding in August and September, and this $500,000 Flood Mitigation Assistance Program will help those property owners cover at least a portion of their costs and losses,” said Mayor Bronin. “As climate change accelerates, we’re going to experience more and more severe weather events, and we look forward to working together with our state delegation to develop both a long-term relief program and to tackle the broader infrastructure challenges that so many communities will face in the years ahead. But we’re pleased that we’re able to provide at least some relief right now, and I want to thank our Department of Development Services and our housing division specifically for designing and administering this program. I urge everyone affected by this year’s storms to apply for this grant.”

“I received calls from people who could not believe what happened to their basements. They were heartbroken and needed help,” said Speaker of the House Matt Ritter (D-Hartford). “I am glad the delegation and Mayor were able to work cooperatively to help these families and businesses.”

“As a city and state, we want to ensure residents who were negatively impacted by flooding have the resources to repair and restore their homes and businesses,” said Rep. Joshua Hall. “Our State Delegation is committed to providing the City with the resources necessary to make this possible.”

“Our residents need relief and thanks to community advocates and city and state leaders that’s what they are going to get with this program,” said Council President Maly D. Rosado. “I have seen the videos, I’ve spoken to parents, I know how devastating the rainfall was for many around Hartford this past year. These grants will help with the costs of repairs, or reimburse for expenses, so I encourage every impacted household to apply.”

Eligible activities and improvements under the program include installation of sump pumps, french drains, lateral replacement, window wells, basement windows, gutters, drain snaking, video camera inspections, sewer jetting, basement sanitation/cleanouts, new boilers, hot water heaters, electrical components, and flood-related mold remediation. Work under the program will be performed by approved, licensed and insured contractors, many of which are locally or minority owned or both.

Impacted Homeowners can contact Shawana Bowens in the City of Hartford’s Division of Housing at or via phone at 860 757-9030 for information or to request an application.

Impacted Small Business Owners can contact Kylah Hudson-Samuels at or via phone at 860 757-9526 for information or to request an application.