Patricia Billie Miller


Patricia Billie Miller



May 12, 2022

Miller, Duff Celebrate State Funding for Stamford and Norwalk High Schools

Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-Norwalk) and state Senator Pat Billie Miller (D-Stamford), along with Senate President Pro Tempore Martin M. Looney (D-New Haven), Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling, and Stamford Mayor Caroline Simmons hosted a press conference at Westhill High School in Stamford to highlight state funding for Stamford and Norwalk high schools in the recently passed state budget. The state budget, House Bill 5506, was signed into law on Monday. Sen. Duff also announced that all schools in Norwalk and Stamford will be reimbursed 60% of each new school project over the next 25 years.

Stamford will receive state funding toward the new $257.9 million Westhill High School project. The budget increased the state reimbursement for the project from 20% to 80% which will increase state funding for Stamford from $51.6 million to $206.4 million.

Similarly, Norwalk will see an increase from 22% to 80% for the $239 million Norwalk High School project. The formula change increases the state reimbursement from about $52 million to $191 million.

“This is more than replacing windows and furnaces, it’s a comprehensive plan to renovate schools as new and rebuild them for our teachers and our students to meet the expectations set in place,” said Senate Majority Leader Duff. “We haven’t been able to invest in our schools in a long time and that is why this is a huge deal. We are making an investment that will ultimately provide greater success for our students.”

“A school atmosphere needs to reflect a positive look when a student enters a classroom,” said Senate President Pro Tempore Looney. “If a student or a teacher is going to school, entering a rundown building or in a classroom that is worn down, they’re receiving the wrong message that learning isn’t important. Thank you to Senators Duff and Miller for all their hard work and perseverance in obtaining this huge investment that will enhance our schools.”

“I am thankful to Governor Lamont, Senate President Pro Tempore Looney, Senator Duff, Speaker Ritter, and the Stamford delegation for working collaboratively on making sure Stamford and Norwalk schools received the funding reimbursement rate that we’ve been lobbying for years,” said Sen. Miller. “We have to understand that education is changing and the regional workforce development model for the new Westhill High School will create a different pathway for student success. In addition, the increase in the reimbursement rate will give us the opportunity to build our facilities sooner than expected changing the overall school experience for our students and teachers.”

“This increased funding is exciting news for both Stamford taxpayers and, most importantly, for the students of our city who will soon have the modern facilities they deserve in order to receive a high quality education,” said Rep. Fox. “Many people played a role in advocating for Stamford students, but I am particularly thankful to Sen. Miller and my colleagues in Stamford’s legislative delegation, Mayor Simmons, and Superintendent Lucero for their remarkable dedication in securing these funds.”

“This state reimbursement will go a long way to help enhance the academic experience for our students,” said Rep. Paris. “I was proud to work alongside my colleagues of the Stamford delegation to secure this funding to offer our students an education that meets their individual needs.”

“I am thrilled to see that the state budget includes a 60 percent school construction reimbursement for Stamford. This is a major win for our city that will allow us to pursue long-awaited improvement projects for our schools to ensure that every student can learn in a safe and enriching environment,” said Rep. Michel. “Thank you to Governor Lamont and to my colleagues in the Stamford delegation for their tireless advocacy.”

“This funding will have a transformative impact on Stamford’s students and educators, ensuring they can study and work in safe, high-quality school buildings,” said Rep. Blumenthal. “It will also allow these urgent and necessary improvements to be accomplished without overly burdening Stamford taxpayers. I thank my legislative colleagues, especially Senator State Senators Bob Duff and Patricia Billie Miller, for all their work and advocacy to ensure these provisions were included in the state budget, and the Governor for signing them into law. I was honored to assist in getting them passed through the House.”

“I want to thank State Sen. Miller, State Sen. Bob Duff, The Stamford Delegation, Mayor Simmons, and Governor Lamont for your leadership and perseverance for our schools, said Rep. Delany The funding in the state budget we have created will have a resounding impact for Stamford and our residents. Adopting a fair and balanced state budget and reimbursement formula is exactly what is necessary for Stamford to get the funding we need.”

The funding for these two schools was included in the 2022 state budget bill, House Bill 5506, An Act Adjusting The State Budget For The Biennium Ending June 30, 2023.

The bill was supported by some of the area’s state delegation including Senator Duff, Senator Miller, Rep. Blumenthal, Rep. Dathan, Rep. Delany, Rep. Fox, Rep. Michel, Rep. Paris, Rep. Perone, Rep. Simms, and Rep. Thomas.