Patricia Billie Miller


Patricia Billie Miller



October 17, 2022

Senator Miller Welcomes Over $500 Thousand for Transportation Infrastructure Improvements in Stamford

State Senator Patricia Billie Miller (D-Stamford) welcomed the awarding of a $563,212 state grant to support the Pacific Street Village Pedestrian Safety and Access Project. The funds will be used to create a holistic complete street by adding a new raised crosswalk and intersection, as well as several bump outs, new street trees and bioswales for stormwater management; and pedestrian-level lighting to improve safety at night.

“I want to thank Governor Lamont for recognizing the improvements that need to be made in Stamford to make it a safer and more accessible area for residents,” said Sen. Miller. “This grant will help slow traffic, increase pedestrian safety, and expand sidewalk space. With these updates to our infrastructure in Stamford, our residents will be able to have a sense of comfort and feel safe when just simply crossing the street.”

The grants are part of the state’s Transit-Oriented Development Grant Program. This program is competitive program for “shovel-ready” projects that are based within a one-half mile of public transportation facilities. The additional aims of the program are to encourage infrastructure development that creates walkable and mixed-use spaces, supports economic activity, and creates jobs.